Apple's shares closed at $23.21 yesterday, 19 cents up from the previous day's performance of $23.02.

Apple's share price has fluctuated between $21 and $23 this week. The company's shares hit a high of $23 in the run up to the launch of the new iMac.

Prior to the launch, a top US analyst raised Apple's ranking from "neutral" to "outperform" forecasting an increasing share price until the open of Macworld San Francisco on January 7.

Other companies have not fared so favourably. Web-software developer, Macromedia closed last night at $18.85 after achieving a high of $19.25 during the week. Handheld manufacturer Palm meanwhile closed last night at $3.85.

However desktop-publishing developer Adobe managed to maintain a share price of between $34 and $35 all week, closing at $35.84 last night.