Apple has announced a new configuration 733MHz Power Mac G4.

The new Mac ships with a CD-RW drive, instead of Apple's multi-function SuperDrive, and costs £2,199 (ex. VAT). The SuperDrive version costs £2,499.

Apple said it introduced the new Mac due to "higher than expected volumes of blazingly fast PowerPC G4 733MHz processors". This is good news for consumers, because "even more customers will be able to take advantage of Apple's fastest professional desktop", says Apple.

The move allays fears that G4 processor manufacturer Motorola cannot deliver its fastest G4 chips in quantity. Apple revealed that Motorola is delivering high-speed chips faster than promised, and that 733MHz chip supply exceeds SuperDrive availability.

"Apple is offering this new configuration with a CD-RW drive to provide its highest performance system to a wider audience, sooner," said Apple.

The new 733 MHz Power Mac G4 with CD-RW drive ships with a 256K Level 2 on-chip cache and 1MB level 3 backside cache. It comes with 256MB RAM as standard, a 60GB hard drive, two FireWire and two USB ports, four PCI slots, 10/100/1000Base-T ethernet and a built-in 56K modem. AirPort-ready, the Power Mac uses Nvidia's GeForce2 MX graphics card.

Apple Europe this morning confirmed that the new model Power Mac is available. This particular Power Mac was available previously as a build-to-order option through the Apple Store.