Apple is shipping iDVD 2, its upgraded DVD-authoring application.

It's built to take full advantage of Mac OS X 10.1. It lets users author applications for Mac DVD players - as well as most consumer DVD players - and is the first consumer application to let users add motion video in menu buttons and backgrounds on DVDs.

iDVD 2 offers a selection of Apple-designed motion-video and still themes, it also permits the design of custom menus. iDVD ships as standard with Apple's 867MHz and dual 800MHz Power Macs, which are equipped with SuperDrives. Apple's SuperDrive is a combination CD-RW/DVD-R drive that Apple began shipping with some of its professional desktop Macs in January, 2000.

Moody's news David Moody, Apple's senior director of applications marketing, said: "DVD is perhaps the most rapidly growing media format ever, and Apple has the leading DVD-authoring solutions for both professionals and consumers. With iDVD 2, users can create sophisticated DVDs complete with Hollywood-style motion menus by just drag-&-dropping."

iDVD 2 will take advantage of Mac OS X 10.1's multitasking ability, allowing the application to simultaneously encode the DVD, even as the project is being assembled. The application also lets users create slide shows of digital photos.

iDVD 2 is available for £15 as an upgrade package for iDVD owners through Apple's Mac OS Up-to-Date program.