Apple has begun shipping Logic Express 7, its music composition and production software that offer pro-quality audio and MIDI tools for just £199 (upgrade from previous version, £69).

The product offers support for Apple Loops, software instruments and high-quality effect plug-ins. It will also open songs from GarageBand. It offers a studio-style mixer, movie scoring capabilities, and the ability to edit and print performances using music notation.

GarageBand Jam Packs (£69 each), including the new Remix Tools and Rhythm Section packs, provide additional loops and instruments for the application, which uses the same commands as the Pro version of the application.

“Logic Pro 7 is a big hit with pro audio customers and reviewers who are saying it’s a must have upgrade and the biggest release of Logic ever,” said Rob Schoeben, Apple’s vice president of applications marketing.

“We’re now shipping Logic Express 7, a streamlined and affordable version of Logic for education customers and advanced hobbyists who want to create and produce music like a pro for the unbeatable price of £199.”

“Berklee requires students entering the Music Education major to purchase a PowerBook G4 outfitted with Logic Express so they are equipped with a complete mobile studio to continue their work anywhere,” said David Mash, vice president of Information Technology for Berklee College of Music.

“Our students are going to benefit from the many new features in Logic Express 7, particularly the full-featured score editor that will allow them to compose, view, hear and print music using traditional notation, tablature, and chord symbols.”

Logic Express 7 ships with 26 software instruments and 42 plug-ins providing customers with more options to create unique sounds. New software instruments include EFM1, an FM synthesizer that creates a range of digital sound, EXSP 24 mkII sample player, and all the instruments built into GarageBand. New plug-ins include Guitar Amp, a full-featured guitar amplifier simulator that recreates the sounds of the world’s best known guitar amplifiers. Additionally, Logic Express 7 includes new Autofilter, EQ and reverb plug-ins for professional quality audio production.