Apple has released Mac OS X 10.3.5.

The update is described as: "Delivering extra functionality and improved reliability" for the OS. Apple recommends the release for "all users".

The update offers an updated Mail applications, and a new version of Safari. It also improves Bluetooth, Networking, Internet and "other enhancements". Image Capture can now import MPEG-4 movies from compatible digital cameras.

Bluetooth file exchange now works better with Bluetooth-capable HP printers, and the stability of Mac-to-phone connections has been improved. Apple Wireless Keyboard and Mouse and Bluetooth phones compatibility has also been improved.


Additional enhancements in this update include:

Better reliability for user logins and mounting of home directories in a networked environment.

Apple has introduced compatibility for more FireWire and USB devices.

Better font management and all previous standalone security updates also feature in this release, which offers better support for NTFS (New Technology File System) formatted volumes.

Mac OS X 10.3.5 also fixes a problem found in 10.3.4 where the internal microphones on some iBook (dual USB) models were unavailable to applications or Sound preferences.

Variety of available downloads

The company has made an 88MB Combo update available for download (ideal for installing on multiple Macs).

A 3.5MB Server Admin Tools update is also available, as are two updates for Mac OS X 10.3.5 Server (a 107MB combo and a 41MB standard installer).