Apple has added two multiprocessor G4-server configurations to its range.

Two multiprocessor 800MHz models are available from the Apple Store. The previously introduced 733MHz model remains available.

The multiprocessing servers should offer significant performance advantages over previous offerings from Apple, boasting better processors and symmetric multiprocessing - a feature built into Mac OS X Server. Symmetric-multiprocessing support means the servers are able to do twice the work in the same amount of time.

Specifications Both models ship with Mac OS X Server pre-installed, offer 256K L2 cache, and 3MB L3 cache per processor. Each system also contains a CD-RW drive, Nvidia GeForce2 MX-based graphics cards, Gigabit Ethernet, and USB and FireWire ports.

The mid-range multiprocessing system ships with 256MB of RAM and an Ultra ATA 80GB hard drive. The top of the range system in the UK comes with 1GB of RAM, two 36GB Ultra160 dual-channel SCSI hard drives, and a dual-channel SCSI card. In the US, the top-end machine comes with two Ultra ATA 80GB drives.

The dual channel SCSI drive runs at 10,000rpm. It will read and write data at higher speeds than ATA drives, supporting data-transfer speeds of up to 160MB per second. With the dual channel SCSI card, external SCSI devices can be connected to the SCSI bus without affecting the performance of the drives.

The mid-range Server costs £2,799. The top of the range model is £3,749.