Pinnacle Systems today announced the immediate availability of an uncompressed, standard-definition (SD) video-editing solution for under $10,000.

Available exclusively on Apple's Power Mac G4, the solution includes Apple's Final Cut Pro video-editing, effects and compositing software, and Pinnacle Systems' Targa Cine uncompressed SD-video board.

Phillip Schiller, Apple’s vice president of worldwide product marketing, said: “Apple, working together with Pinnacle, is delivering the first complete pro desktop-video-editing solution capable of scaling from uncompressed standard-definition video to high-definition video. This solution starts at less than $10,000, and is available only on the Power Mac G4.''

Mark Sanders, Pinnacle Systems’ CEO, said: “This is an incredibly powerful solution at a price never offered before.''

The uncompressed SD-video editing solution exclusively for the Mac provides video acquisition in all major standard-definition formats – DV, composite, component and D1. It features a 400MHz Power Mac G4, 256MB SDRAM, a DVD-ROM drive, the ATI Rage 128 Pro Graphics card and a 20GB ATA hard drive. It also includes an ATTO UL3D dual-channel Ultra 160 SCSI PCI card, 2x 36GB Ultra 160 SCSI drives for media storage and SoftRAID SCSI array formatting software. A 17-inch Apple Studio Display is also bundled with the package.