Apple has released WebObjects 4.5, an update to its server application for enterprise-level network development and deployment.

WebObjects 4.5, Apple claims, can improve performance by more than 50 per cent. Steve Jobs, Apple's CEO, said: "Customers can create the world's most powerful Web sites faster with WebObjects’ new WebObjects Builder interface, and Direct to Java Client Technology."

Features in the high-end product include integrated XML-support and a user interface for the WebObjects Builder, with features that shorten development time and help developers learn WebObjects faster.

The software also features application-profiling tools and WebObjects can improve performance of execution environments by up to 50 per cent, Apple claims. Also, WebObjects 4.5 has a new Direct to Java Client technology, that automates the process of creating Pure Java clients for accessing databases over the Internet.

Apple promises that future revisions of WebObjects will have even more support for Java and other evolving standards. A cross-platform solution, WebObjects costs $1,499 for the developer edition, with customer deployment prices starting at $7,500.