An easy way to create Dashboard widgets has reportedly begun shipping with new MacBooks.

ThinkSecret claims the new application, Dashcode, is available within the version of Developer Tools that ships with Apple's new Intel-powered consumer notebooks.

Its users can build custom Dashboard widgets, with the software automatically creating the bulk of the JavaScript code, the report claims.

Dashcode handles all aspects of widget management, from the front and back of a widget to its default image, icon, and more. An Inspector tool lets widget-builders set button shapes, sizes, and styles, backgrounds, colours, and so on. Debugging and search tools also feature in the application, the report claims.

While no mention of the new software is made on Apple's website, the widget-focused Dashboard Widgets website offers an in-depth look at some of the claims made of the software.

The application is reportedly to be found in a users Developer>Applicatons after installing Developer Tools from the CD that ships with the MacBook.

A selection of images that claim to depict the application have also emerged.