Apple UK has published a case study examining how human rights organization Amnesty International is using Apple's DVD solutions to communicate its message.

Apple's introduction of iDVD and DVD Studio Pro has opened the way for organizations such as Amnesty to utilize technologies that were previously the domain of large film-studios and creative agencies.

Amnesty International is taking DV footage of refugees and other victims of political strife, and assembling this into a DVD for schools called Music and Human Rights. The project is being assembled using DVD Studio Pro at Amnesty's London office.

The DVD examines human rights abuse that's meted out because of a victim's race, sexuality or gender. The project is being run by Derek Wheeler, who said: "I thought that if it's going to be that easy to create something basic, then I can make something that looks really good with minimal outlay on resources and expertise."

Apple's story, Championing Human Rights with DV Technology, is available on its Web site.