Apple UK has published a first-hand account illustrating the ease of use and power of the Mac as a 3D animation platform.

The piece centres on Brian Taylor, who within a year of beginning to work with 3D animation had given up his day job and acquired the financial support needed to make his own movie, Rustboy.

Taylor says: “Part of the challenge I've set myself is to prove that quality computer graphics CGI can be produced with modest equipment and off-the-shelf software, and my Mac is an integral part of that plan.”

The designer has also built a Flash and QuickTime-based Web site to showcase the work he's done so far.

“I didn’t know the first thing about creating a Web site when I started out on”, he says. Taylor used his Mac to organise the infrastructure and content of his site, and had it running in a couple of weeks.

He aims to produce a movie, using affordable consumer 3D software in order to see how professional a result he can achieve.

On the use of the Mac, he says: “The Macs ease-of-use allows me to concentrate on being creative without the need for a degree in rocket-science.”