Cheryl Vedoe, the president of Apple’s PowerSchool division, gave education delegates an insight into Apple’s place in the classroom at the National Educational Computing Conference (NECC) yesterday, MacCentral reports.

In a keynote speech exploring the statement: “You can’t prepare students for the real world ahead with status quo technology,” Vedoe underlined the company’s vision for education.

“We must give students the tools they need to prepare for the future – the context of school is changing. The real world is changing at a more rapid pace than it ever has in the past,” she explained.

A digital vision Looking at the global nature of society, the huge quantity of information that exists in the world today, and the ever-changing working environment, Vedoe suggested that educators prepare their students for a changing future. We no longer know what the jobs of tomorrow will be, she said, suggesting the creation of a “generation of lifelong learners.”

Technology alone isn’t the answer, she stated. “Apple believes that there are a number of key areas in which technology can make a difference, and we need to focus on them to realize the potential of what technology can do to prepare students for the future.”

MacCentral offers in-depth coverage of the remainder of Vedoe’s speech; it looks at Web-based applications, wireless networking, and the positive application of Apple technologies – such as iMovie and iPhoto – in the classroom.

“Today’s students are truly the digital generation,” Vedoe proclaimed. “They’re growing up in a media-rich world, and are a very different generation. For example, they’ll spend more time reading if the text is on the Internet than if it’s in a textbook.”

Apple also announced three education-oriented products at the conference.