Apple has made a long-term font-licensing deal with font manufacturer Bitstream.

Apple has selected a group of fonts based on Kingsley-ATF Type Corporation designs that will be bundled with its operating systems.

Anna Chagnon, president of Bitstream, said: "Our fonts are world-renowned for their typographic quality. The fonts that Apple licensed have a simple, elegant look-&-feel, so they're well suited for the Macintosh.

"Because of our experience working with application and OS developers who need great looking text on screen, we could offer Apple high-quality fonts from our extensive library. We are very pleased that Apple licensed fonts from Bitstream."

Mark Lester, VP of Kingsley Holding Corporation, said: "Kingsley-ATF Type Corporation, through its successor, Kingsley Holding Corporation, owns hundreds of trademarked fonts. However, we have been especially pleased with the high-quality designs of those fonts as produced by Bitstream.

"We believe the Apple-Bitstream contract is but one in a series of future ventures with Bitstream which will bring typographic excellence back to the general public. We couldn't be prouder to be reassociated with the innovative leaders at Apple Computer. This is a win-win-win operation."