Apple's Web site was among the top 50 Internet properties in November, according to comScore Media Metrix.

The latter firm announced its Top 50 US Internet Properties for November last night. It reveals that in that month, the total US Internet population was 151.1 million users, with Thanksgiving and Christmas driving traffic.

comScore Media Metrix president Peter Daboll said: "As in past years and as expected, online activity in November was significantly impacted by Thanksgiving and preparation for the December holidays. Our online sales data indicates that 2003 will be a strong year for online holiday shopping, but online retailers aren't the only ones benefiting from holiday related traffic.

"This month, sites in the movies, food and gaming Information categories saw increases as consumers researched holiday gifts and made plans for time to be spent with friends and family."

Apple's site entered the Top 50 at number 44, with 11,133,000 visitors. Yahoo! sites took the lead, attracting 151,107,000 visitors. More information is available online.