Apple has revealed it has been hit with several lawsuits relating to its recent report of "irregularities" in the way it has filed some stock option grants.

Suits have been filed against current and former officers and directors of the Cupertino company, who litigators believe are implicated in these irregularities.

Apple last week revealed that it had discovered irregularities in the issuance of certain stock option grants and is conducting an independent investigation into the matter. The company is currently evaluating its response to the lawsuits.

The irregularities were uncovered in an internal investigation, Apple said. The company has already informed the US Securities and Exchange Commission. One of the recipients of these irregular option awards was CEO Steve Jobs.

The option grant to Jobs was subsequently cancelled, and Jobs didn't financially benefit from it, according to Apple.

The suits were filed in the US District Court for the Northern District of California and the Superior Court for Santa Clara County.