Windows-modification site yesterday re-posted software that makes Windows look like Aqua, Apple's upcoming user interface for Mac OS X.

The move follows demands from Apple lawyers earlier this week that the site remove the WinAqua “skin” - or face legal action. Apple said the skin is a copyright infringement.

Apple is alleged to have sent a "nasty" email, threatening to force the site's ISP to shut down.

WinAqua works with WindowBlinds, a shareware utility from Stardock that replaces Windows' standard user-interface menu bars, windows and widgets with alternative designs. WindowBlinds already comes with BeOS and Mac OS-esque desktop themes built-in.

Although responded to Apple's request by removing WinAqua, the version re-posted yesterday looks identical to the original, but lacks the Apple Mac OS X logo - Apple’s key objection.

Despite its removal and subsequent re-appearance, WinAqua has proved popular, having been downloaded over 16,800 times.