Apple may have withdrawn some of its iPod processor orders from Samsung, following that company's indiscreet revelation that it had secured the business.

Apple likes to keep it's partners under wraps. In the past it has delayed releasing products because a partner has jumped the gun. It did so in 2001, when it delayed releasing a new computer because ATI revealed itself to be making the graphics cards for that machine.

A Samsung executive last month generated international publicity - and sent Apple's long-term chip partner PortalPlayer's shares into freefall - when he revealed his firm to have grabbed Apple's business.

Now, EE Times reports Apple to have taken the business away from the over-ardent Samsung, choosing instead to maintain its relationship with SigmaTel. The report notes comments by Wedbush Morgan Securities analyst Craig Berger to back-up its claims.

At the least, the report indicates SigmaTel has held onto its contract to supply chips for the iPod shuffle.