Apple has sliced £200 off the price of its fastest 500MHz G4 Cube. Apple dropped the price of its 450MHz G4 Cube by £250 in early January.

In the US, Apple has also added a third Cube configuration – this ships with extra RAM, a 40GB hard disk and a Radeon graphics card. In the UK this third G4 Cube is available only as a build-to-order option through the Apple Store.

Same specs, less cash The G4 Cube ships in two standard varieties - the 450MHz and 500MHz models. These now cost £999 and £1,399 respectively (ex. VAT). Both offer 1MB L2 cache, DVD-ROM drives, Rage 128 Pro graphics cards, 10/100BASE-T ethernet and 56K internal modems. The 450MHz model ships with 64MB RAM as standard and a 20GB hard drive. The 500MHz model offers a 30GB drive and 128MB RAM.

It is thought that Apple - which had expected to sell Cubes at three times the rate it has achieved so far - is attempting to shift excess Cube inventory to make way for new products. In October 2000 Apple CEO, Steve Jobs promised that new Cube configurations would ship this spring.

This could hint at announcements of a revised Cube range at Macworld Expo, Tokyo, which begins February 22.