Apple is offering substantial dealer-price cuts on its 733MHz and 667MHz G4 Power Macs.

For dealers, the SuperDrive and CD-RW flavours of the 733MHz machine are £250 cheaper, and the 667MHz model is down by £350. Although the 667MHz has been discontinued by Apple, stock remains in dealer channels.

Dealers contacted this morning by Macworld confirm that these price cuts were announced yesterday. The reductions apply only to the price that dealers pay when purchasing stock from Apple. It is up the dealers' discretion what, if any, benefits they pass on to customers.

David Millar, Apple's UK PR manager said: "What we found with this selection of Power Macs is that more customers than usual are purchasing models from higher in the range. It's unusual. "

Millar suggested that some dealers may offer bundle discounts, while others may give additional RAM on purchase.

The consensus among dealers contacted by Macworld is that some discount will reach end users. The extent of this is likely to vary from dealer to dealer, particularly for those holding old-priced stock.

Dealer estimates vary, but the end-user retail prices could reach between £1,550-£1,575 for the 667MHz Power Mac G4. The 733MHz G4 with SuperDrive could cost between £2,150-£2,250 – down from £2,499, and the 733MHz CD-RW approximately £1,850 (down from £2,099).

Millar added: "Apple runs promotions and incentives for some of its products from time-to-time."

Apple declined to comment on whether the dealer-channel discount means new Power Macs will be introduced at Macworld Expo, New York. However, US reports show the range has been designated end-of-life, so this seems likely.

Sources also suggest that Apple's "Double your RAM" discount deal for iMac purchases may be extended beyond the end of the month. This adds further weight to rumours of a new iMac range being introduced in New York.

Despite Apple's decision to suspend production of the G4 Cube, it seems unlikely that customers will enjoy substantial discounts on that product. Most dealers expect to see a short increase in demand for it.

"I have one unit in stock and we'll sell it at the usual price, because I think there will be a short upsurge in demand for it," said one dealer.