Apple has reduced nearly all of its Mac and screen prices by as much as £450 to welcome in 2005. Apple's price cuts often herald new Mac models, but the across-the-board nature of this cost-slashing doesn't point in any one clear direction.

The massive cuts on Apple's LCD screens, however, could be seen as a pointer to the rumoured "headless Mac" that could in effect be an iBook without a screen.

iMac G5 cheaper

The iMac G5 consumer desktop PC range drops up to £50 for each model. The entry-level 1.6GHz 17-inch iMac G5 now costs £899 including VAT, down from £919. The 1.8GHz 17-inch iMac is down from £1,049 to £999. The top-end 20-inch iMac is now priced at £1,299 – down £50 from £1,349.

G5 Power Mac down by £200

The Power Mac G5 line-up sees price cuts on every model. The entry-level single-1.8GHz Power Mac drops £100 to below the magic £1,000 marker at £999 including VAT. There's also a £100 drop for the dual-1.8GHz G5, now priced at £1,349.

The dual-2GHz Power Mac G5 has been slashed by £150, now at £1,699 from £1,849. But the biggest drop of all is the £200 cut from the top-end dual-2.5GHz Power Mac G5, which now retails for £1,999.

PowerBook more affordable

The pro-level PowerBooks feature price cuts across the range. The entry-level 12-inch Combo model now costs £1,099 – down £50 from £1,149. £50 is also taken from the SuperDrive version of the 12-inch PowerBook., which is now priced at £1,249.

The 15-inch PowerBooks also see £50 price cuts. The 1.33GHz Combo model costs £1,349, and the 1.5GHz SuperDrive version is priced at £1,699. The 17-inch 1.5GHz PowerBook previously cost £1,949 but now costs £1,899.

iBook down

Apple's iBook consumer laptops are also blessed with new-year price cuts. The entry-level 12-inch 1.2GHz model now costs £699, down £50. The 14-inch 1.33GHz DVD-R SuperDrive model is also down £50 at £999. The mid-range DVD-ROM/CD-RW (Combo) 1.33GHz 14-inch iBook remains at £899.

eMac trimmed

The CRT-based eMac consumer desktop remains unchanged except for a cute £20 nipped off its previous £699 price-tag.

Massive screen cuts

Apple's 20-inch Cinema Display (1,680-x-1,050-pixel resolution) sees a dramatic price cut from £999 to £699 (including VAT). The previous 20-inch model cost £1,049.

The 23-inch Cinema Display is also £300 cheaper at £1,249 – down from £1,549. It has a 1,920-x-1,200 optimal resolution.

The 30-inch display (2,560-x-1,600) is cut by a massive £450 – now priced at £2,099 from £2,549.