Apple has announced that it is going to slow the pace of Mac OS X developments.

Apple chief software technology officer Avie Tevanian said: "We're slowing that pace down a little bit because it's not a sustainable rate. But you'll still see us go really fast."

Since the launch of Mac OS X in 2001 Apple has released three major updates, and plans to show Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger at its worldwide developers conference (WWDC) in July. The company has not announced when Tiger will ship.

During his talk at the SIIA Enterprise Software Summit 2004 Tevanian also said: "Apple has made great progress in making its products a good fit for businesses but it will take time before they are seen that way.

"We've not been strong in that market in the recent past at all. We don't expect people to automatically just believe that this product is the best thing for them."