Apple will not make an appearance at the Seybold Seminars in Boston, the company has confirmed.

Apple has decided not to go to the Boston show because it is not one of Apple’s "core market shows". However, Apple will attend the second Seybold 2000 in San Francisco, which runs August 28- September 1.

Other big shows for Apple are Internet World in Los Angeles (April 3-7) and NAB in Las Vegas (April 8-13), as well as Macworld Expo in Tokyo (February 16-19) and in New York in July.

Seybold, the publishing technology show, runs February 9-11, and includes keynote addresses from Adobe’s CEO John Warnock, Quark’s CEO Tim Gill, and Norm Meyrowiz, president of Macromedia products. As well as exhibiting products on the show floor, Seybold offers a week-long conference and education programme, focusing on imminent changes facing the publishing industry.