Apple will not be exhibiting at Macworld Conference & Expo Boston in 2004.

Yesterday, event organizers IDG World Expo announced plans to move Macworld Expo and Conference from its four-year main stay in New York, to Boston.

But Apple, seeking exhibiting concessions, has vetoed the show.

Yesterday, IDG World Expo said: "Today IDG announced plans to move Macworld New York to Boston in July of 2004. Apple disagrees with this decision, and will not be participating in Macworld Boston.

"Since IDG is no longer investing in New York, we now need to re-evaluate our participation in Macworld New York 2003. Apple will continue to participate in Macworld San Francisco in January."

Charlie Greco, IDG World Expo president and CEO, said the show moved to New York years ago because Boston didn't have the space to host it.

However, the spiralling costs of New York's Jacob Javits Convention Center lead organizers to seek alternatives.

Greco vowed that the show would go on without Apple: "We are going to produce Macworld New York in July 2003 and we are going to produce Macworld Boston in July 2004.

"We would love to have Apple participate in those events as they have for 18 straight years, but if for reasons unknown to us they decide not to come, we will go with 250 exhibitors instead of 251 exhibitors."

Macworld magazine is published by IDG.