Apple and Sony have booked 70 per cent of the flash memory capacity of one of the world's largest such producers, Samsung.

A report on DigiTimes declares: "70 per cent of Samsung's current NAND flash capacity has been booked by Apple and Sony".

Apple v Sony in away match

Apple's iPod shuffle uses flash memory. The product leads the market across the globe, except in Japan. In Japan Apple's product is the second biggest-selling flash-based music player. Sony leads the market there.

With the predicted August 4 iTunes Music Store launch in Japan, it appears Apple is preparing to take the battle for digital music to Sony's home turf.

Prices set to rise

The report also predicts tight supply of high-capacity flash memory next month, because both Samsung and Hynix face "production issues" with their higher-end products, and the, "consumer electronics hot season is approaching".

Samsung is attempting to manufacture quantities of 4GB flash memory modules.

Flash memory prices have begun to rise.