Apple and Sony have agreed to pay 1.3 million Yen (£6,500) to settle a lawsuit filed by a Japanese couple whose Mac caught fire when its Sony-made battery went up in smoke.

The couple had wanted damages, arguing that the husband had suffered burns during the incident, which took place in their Osaka home.

The fire burnt part of the couple's floor and carpet, with the husband burning his fingers as he tried to get the flaming Mac out of his house. The couple claimed the wife's health was affected "due to the shock of the incident".

Apple Japan accepted liability in court but said the level of compensation the couple required was too high. Sony countered that the link between the fire and the battery hasn't been determined.

It's the latest chapter in Sony's battery nightmare, which began in 2006 when the company and computer manufacturers including Apple were forced to recall 9.6 million lithium-ion batteries following multiple reports these had caught fire.