BBC Online today is offering a webcast of its Click Online show, filmed at MacExpo in the UK in late November.

Show highlights include a face-to-face interview with Apple's vice president of hardware product marketing Greg Joswiak, who travelled to the UK for MacExpo. Asked if Windows PCs are "the spawn of the devil", he replies: "PC's are not inherently evil – they are just difficult to use."

The show also offers a look at Apple's operating system, Mac OS X 10.3. "Apple, fed up with playing second-fiddle to Windows, has been taking its operating system from strength-to-strength," says the BBC.

Joswiak says: "We see Microsoft as an important partner moving forward," he says. "With a Mac version of Microsoft Office available, the Mac is a viable option for anyone looking for a desktop PC."

The operating system has opened up opportunities in markets that were "hitherto closed to us," Joswiak said.

Click Online travels to Apple's flagship retail store in New York's SOHO district to speak with computer experts, Mac developers and others to discuss Apple's move to the Unix-based OS X.

Looking at Apple's user interface, Click Online asks: "Has anyone noticed that Windows XP looks a little like OS X's Aqua?"

Other show highlights include a look at the browser market, and Safari. The report castigates some Web sites for including commands that are not part of the Worldwide Web Consortium's standards.

The full 22 minute show is available online – look for the link in the bottom right-hand corner of the BBC's technology page.