Apple is to sponsor the 9th Annual K-12 School Networking Conference taking place in March.

According to MacMinute Alan Brightman – founder of Apple's Worldwide Disability Solutions Group – will be one of the speakers at the event, entitled: Personalization and Empowerment: No Child Left Behind and Technology.

The conference is described as "the premier event for education leaders on technology and learning through the Internet". It promotes the use of information technology and the Internet in K-12 education and is hosted by CoSN. Over 600 district, state and national education technology leaders are expected to attend.

The conference will take place from March 2-3 in Arlington, Virginia.

Another dimension

Apple is also sponsoring the 3D Insiders' Summit 2004.

The event examines how the 3D component industry and its players are evolving, according to organizers Spatial. It will take place on May 3-5 in Westminster, Colorado.

Other sponsors include HP and AMD.