Apple is co-sponsoring Sun's JavaOne conference, which runs from June 10-13.

The event takes place in San Francisco's Moscone Centre. Apple's sponsorship of the event means the company will display its Java technology-based solutions in the JavaOne pavilion during the show. Other sponsors include: Motorola, HP, Siemens, Borland, Intel, Novell and Quest Software.

The event is described as: "The source for the opportunity to learn from the creators and foremost experts in Java technology." It offers over 200 technical sessions and demonstrations of Java technology in action.

As well as sponsoring the event, Apple sits on the committee tasked with developing the standard. Apple's Java product manager Allen Denison spoke with Macworld last year.

Denison said: "Apple believes it has the best implementation of Java. Java is actually a component part of the operating system - when we update OS X, we update Java."

The company updated its implementation of Java earlier this week, releasing Java 1.4.1 for OS X. This update improves Java support in Safari and brings Apple's implementation of it bang up to date with Sun's industry-wide standard.