Apple's stock shot up yesterday as investors climbed back on board the Cupertino wagon in response to news of Boot Camp.

Apple climbed $6.04 to $67.21 (its highest daily advance in 1.5 years) on news of its dual boot technology for Macs, which lets Mac users rent a little space to a Windows system.

American Technology Research analyst Shaw Wu said Apple's move (which he calls the company's "30th birthday surprise"), would impact against PC manufacturers.

"It is a big deal and potentially could be a significant game changer," he said. He believes Windows support on a Mac will be the final temptation to bring a new wave of hesitant Windows switchers across to the way of the Mac.

UBS analyst Ben Reitzes also waxed lyrical, suggesting that the news will propel switchers to the Mac, and attract iPod users, too: "We estimate fiscal December quarter unit growth of 29 per cent year over year to 1.6 million units and year-long 2007 unit growth of 29 per cent to 6 million Macs," he said. UBS has a "buy" rating and $95 price target on Apple's stock.

Speaking to Newsfactor, Michael Gartenberg of Jupiter Research said: "Apple is certainly, without doubt, clearly a corporate American Idol. Products Apple invented define the way people work, think, play, and more."