Apple Computer fell 5.81 per cent, closing at $99.13 yesterday, AIM partner Motorola lost 17.46 per cent to close at $86.25.

IBM suffered too, its stock fell six per cent, closing at $102.93. Adobe also lost 5.45 per cent and closed at $106.19.

The Nasdaq suffered its third and worst loss of the week yesterday, dropping nearly 6 per cent, or 199.94, to close at 3385.07. The index now hovers dangerously near its lowest mark this year (a close of 3321.17 on April 14).

Reasons for the losses are unclear, but analysts generally cite increasing investor doubt about the future growth of Internet and technology companies. Even positive growth outlooks have been unable to stem investor flight. Indeed, though Cisco Systems announced strong earnings yesterday and beat Wall Street estimates by a penny, those results did not mollify investors. Cisco fell six per cent, to close at $58.68.

Most Internet-focused stocks suffered during the day - dropped five per cent to $53.25, and DoubleClick lost nine per cent to $49. Yahoo bucked the trend today, rising a one per cent to close at $118.75.