Apple may be set to open its third UK Apple Store this July.

ifoAppleStore claims that the Bluewater, Kent retail store, currently under construction behind an iPod-themed barricade, will open this July.

Apple CFO Peter Oppenheimer recently revealed to analysts that Apple has plans to expand its retail base from the 103 stores open in the first quarter of 2005, to 125 stores by the end of the year. The store openings will include 10 outside the US.

Since Oppenheimer's announcement a second European store opened in Birmingham.

There may be little warning of Apple's intention to open the Bluewater store; this week Apple quietly revealed it would open its first store in Canada this Saturday.

In addition, the company is in the process of finalizing leases and renovation plans for four more stores in the US, according to ifoAppleStore, these include two more stores in California, one in Massachusetts and one on New York City's Staten Island.