Updated: the Apple Store is back online with no new Macs. We think that Apple is either 'messing with our heads' or messing with Samsung's launch of the Samsung Galaxy S3, which goes on sale in the UK today. 

Updated again: The Apple Store is offline again... (11.50am) Watch this page! 

Apple's onine store is currently offline (as at 7.30am, Wednesday). When the Apple Store is down for maintenance that usually means new products are likely to be introduced. 

Topping the list of potential new products is the MacBook Pro. There had been rumours that this new model of Apple's popular laptop would launch following the release of Intel's new Ivy Bridge chips. However, when those processors launched in April there was no sign of a new Mac. 

The latest reports suggest that the new MacBook Pro will launch in time for WWDC in June.

Rumours about the new MacBook Pro include claims that new models will feature “jaw dropping” Retina displays, a tapered design like the MacBook Air, no optical drive, and a power button on the keyboard in place of the eject button. 

The iMac may also see a Retina display and Ivy Bridge processor in an update. 

We'll update you as soon as we have more news