Apple's online Apple Store is presently being updated in the US and the UK. Traditionally this is a sure sign that a significant new product is being announced. However, with Macworld Expo just days away the timing is suspicious.

The company's retail website is displaying its customary message warning the company is "busy updating the store for you and will be back shortly".

With Macworld Expo scant days away, what product or products may be being added, improved or deleted is open to speculation. Intel has just announced its new Penryn chipset, so updates to the MacBook Pro and Mac Pro range are possible. Or, with Universal now backing Blu-ray, Apple may have decided to add Blu-ray as build to order option for the Mac Pro.

The Apple store will likely be up and running with the new products at 1:30 GMT. More news as it comes in.

Apple has now confirmed new models of the Xserve and the Mac Pro. More follows...