The Apple Store is offline, leading to speculation that Apple is about to announce a refresh to the Mac Pro line.

The US Apple Store is showing the standard "We'll be back soon" page, though the UK Apple Store has been intermittently showing error messages.

It had been rumoured earlier in the year that the Mac Pro line would get an update in August, though more recently it was said that Intel had not yet provided Apple with any suitable processors for the Mac Pro range and updates wouldn't come until the end of the year.

Watch this space for more details, probably at around 1.30pm BST.

UPDATE 1630BST: The Apple Store is back online, though nothing has changed. We're trying to get to the bottom of what the cause of the outage was and will report back when we know more.

UPDATE 1650BST: No sooner does it come back does it disappear again. The rest of Apple's website seems to have been unaffected in the past few hours, but the fact that it's showing error messages rather than the standard "We'll be back soon" page suggest technical difficulties. Watch this space.