The Apple Store is down this morning. 

This could be for maintenance, or minor changes, as is often the case at this time in the morning (while America sleeps) but that doesn't stop us from getting excited the potential of new goodies from Apple. 

Top of our wish list is a new iMac. It's been over a year since Apple's iMac desktop was last updated. The current model lacks USB 3.0 and sports older i5 processors. It's a little long in the tooth. We expect Apple to revamp this machine soon, so fingers crossed for today. 

Next up on our wish list is the 13in MacBook Pro with Retina display that has been rumoured. What interests us most is the idea of a lower cost and lighter version of the 15in MacBook Pro with Retina display. But isn't that the MacBook Air? We'll wait to see if the rumours are true. 

It's also highly likely that, now it is October, Apple is readying the new iPod nano and iPod touch for sale. When Apple announced them at the launch of the iPhone 5 it said that they would be available to buy in October, just in time for Christmas. 

Another Apple product on the line up for October is iTunes. The much needed new version should be available to download soon. 

Apple has one more thing up its sleeve. The company is said to be preparing for the launch of the iPad mini. A 7in iPad that will launch soon - rumour has it the company will hold a press launch next week. 

It would be nice if Apple put something new on sale today, since it is the anniversary of Steve Jobs death

UPDATE: The Apple Store is back up and running and we haven't spotted anything new yet. We will keep you updated if we notice any changes.


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