Bogus emails claiming to be from the Apple Store that request customer account information are in circulation.

These so called "phishing" attacks claim to be from the store. They tell recipients about orders the recipients have not placed, asking that they click on a link to download something to read the email.

If an unsuspecting user clicks on the link, some reports claim a virus is downloaded, while The Register reports the spammers gather personal information about their victim, leaving their accounts wide open to fraud.

One example email seen by Macworld is titled: "Your order #134835 has been accepted for the amount 779.00$". The order claims to be for a digital camera.

It reads: "Thank you for shopping with us", and threatens that a user's credit card will be charged with that amount, asking that they click on a link within the email if they want to check or cancel the order.

Macworld UK reader Marc Berry explained: "My Mum received an email (that appeared to be) from the Apple Store saying she had brought a digital camera. It then asked you download something to look at the order which she was hesitant in doing as she never placed the order. She called Apple Store this morning and they said they had received a number of calls today about this, and told her to permanently delete the email from her inbox and then from the deleted items folder."

The new scam seems very similar to eBay and bank phishing scams that have been widely seen online.

While most experienced Internet users should recognise the email as dubious, unsuspecting or less experienced users may fall for it.