The 500MHz G4 Cube, Key Lime iBook, Pro Mouse and Pro Keyboard may soon be available through Apple's dealer channels, reports say.

US dealers are already advertizing the products, MacWeek says, reporting that its sources there expect other products to reach them "within the next few days".

Angry Dealers grumbled about Apple's decision to sell products exclusively through its Web site, complaining that the decision created an uneven playing field. Cynics point to Apple's eight-week channel inventory – well in excess of the low inventory promised by its business strategy, and say the company has been forced to try to push its products out there.

UK waiting UK dealers have heard nothing of the move. Garrett Doyle, managing director of UK firm MacLine, said: "It would be nice if it happened, though I've heard nothing about it." He added that the G4 Cube is MacLine's biggest-seller.

Apple UK representatives have not announced such a move, and were unavailable for comment this morning.