Apple has topped a list of US retail and online stores because it offers excellent buying advice.

The brinks-an-mortar Apple Store was the clear winner in PC World magazine's survey of which stores have the smartest salespeople, lowest prices, and widest selection.

PC World surveyed 3,500 readers and found that 63 per cent of survey respondents who had visited the Apple Store rated the overall quality of its buying advice a 6 or 7. Apple Store shoppers also rated the retailer particularly high in ease of finding buying advice (nearly 70 per cent rated it a 6 or 7).

Over 70 per cent gave the Apple Store top marks for providing sufficient information to make a buying decision.


The author of the report described his own experience of shopping at the Apple Store, and concluded: "From my own experience at an Apple Store. It had a Zen-like simplicity: white walls; an airy, open floor plan; and convenient product stations where customers could sit down and play with the systems. It took me more than 15 minutes to capture a salesperson's attention. But when I finally did, he was engaging, knowledgeable, and clearly passionate about the products he was selling."

The online Apple Store also received an excellent rating. According to PC World: "Apple's Web store fared nearly as well as its retail outlets: About 69 per cent of its shoppers rated its technical information easy to understand, and almost 60 percent said the site provided enough information for them to make a buying decision."

The research focused on the following retailers: The Apple Store and, Best Buy and,, Circuit City and, CompUSA and,,,,, and