Apple's Pro Keyboard is on sale at the UK Apple Store.

The keyboard was originally announced at Macworld Expo, New York last July. On release, it was found that some of the keys did not function with older Apple systems.

UK customers, ordering the keyboard last July from the Apple Store, received emails to let them know there would be a delay in shipment. The product was then removed from the Apple Store, and customers were angered that their orders had been cancelled.

A set of beta drivers (Apple USB DDK drivers [1.4.6b2]) were released to fix the problem, but these drivers were targeted at developers.

Last week, without fanfare, Apple placed the Pro Keyboard on the UK Apple Store. It costs £39.

Key extras It has 108-keys, with full-size cursor keys and 15 full-size programmable function keys. The Apple Pro Keyboard also comes with keys for Page Up and Down, Home and End, Insert and forward Delete, plus a key for ejecting CDs or DVDs.
The USB-based device comes as standard with Power Macintosh G4s, Power Mac G4 Cube and iMac. You can also buy it separately for use with older USB-based Macs.

A note on Apple's site sates the keyboard "requires Mac OS 9.0.4 or higher". It adds: "When used with prior generation USB-based Macs, four new keys are not functional: volume up, volume down, mute, and the media eject keys. Support in the Mac OS for these new keys for use on older systems is now available with an upgrade to Mac OS 9.1."