Details regarding Apple's forthcoming UK retail store on Regent Street are beginning to emerge.

A Macworld UK source today reports the Store will contain a purpose-built Studio, where Apple will offer fee-based training in its OS and applications. These are small classrooms that accommodate 12 people. Those who sign-up for the courses receive a Student guidebook and a Course CD, a note on Apple's Web site reads.

Courses offered, according to the page, include:

Getting Started 1: Beginners - computer basics, using a mouse and keyboard. printing and Mac OS X.

Getting Started II: Intermediate - a four-part series that extends lessons learned in the Beginners course covering System preferences, advanced search and CD/DVD burning.

Getting Started III: Daily Productivity - iCal, Address Book, Mail, Sherlock, iChat AV, Safari, printing, faxing.

Digital Photography: iPhoto - An in-depth iPhoto course.

Digital Moviemaking: iMovie & iDVD - a four-part series aiming to teach how to make movies with iMovie and iDVD.

Digital Music: iPod & iTunes - how to use these products properly.

.Mac Internet Essentials - A guide to Apple's subscription-based suite of Internet services.

Advanced Digital Moviemaking: iMovie & iDVD - advanced production techniques within these movie-making applications.

Final Cut Pro HD Series - an introduction to the primary features and interface of Final Cut Pro HD. (Also available, a similar course in the use of Final cut Pro Express).

GarageBand - a four-part course that teaches how t make songs using Apple's music-making application.

Keynote - a four-part course in using Apple's simple-to-use presentation software.

Prices for the courses vary between $49 and $249 each.