Apple Store staff have been asked to work late on Tuesday 5 June, almost a week before to the kick off of WWDC, leading to speculation that the company may be set to announce a new product at, or just before, the show.

Workers also surmise that it might be related to a signage change prior to WWDC, or a product re-alignment on the store floor. According to reports the workers don’t believe that the late-hours relate to new hardware.

Gary Allen of ifoAppleStore spoke to an Apple Store employee in Texas who told him that back-of-house workers and Specialists at his Apple Store has been asked to work late on the night of 5 June.

Apple Insider suggests that the work could pertain to Apple's annual back-to-school promotion, which kicked off on 16 June last year.

Apple Insider also notes that they have learned of visits to Apple Stores by Apple network engineers who have been carrying a mysterious ‘black box’ from which they may have copied data onto the store server, according to speculation.

Apple is expected to unveil the new version of the Mac operating system –Mountain Lion– at WWDC, as well as potentially launching a new, slimmer, MacBook Pro with flash memory and a Retina display; a new MacBook Air using new Intel Ivy Bridge processors designed for ultrabooks; an iMac that ulitises the Retina display and Ivy Bridge processors; as well as give a preview of iOS 6 and possibly unveil an iOS-style operating system for the Apple TV, that will, one day, feature on Apple’s HD television.

A discount scheme that is running at a number of Apple resellers in the UK until 17 June may hint at a product launch after that date.