Apple has admitted that it is having "several implementation issues" with the Apple Store after upgrading its logistics systems.

In an email issued to Apple Store customers last night the company claimed that it is "taking all the necessary steps to restore service levels as quickly as possible".

The email reads as follows: "This has been an exciting year for the Apple Store, with the development of Apple's innovative range of products and a significant expansion in products from other suppliers.

"Such changes have been matched by a huge increase in customer traffic and demand which we have for the most part been successfully handling. In recent months we have also been upgrading our logistics systems and network and have been encountering several implementation issues.

"Unfortunately, for some of our customers, this translated into a shopping experience on the Store that fell short of the standards we strive to achieve.

"If you have recently experienced delays or other problems with your order, let us assure you that we are taking all the necessary steps to restore service levels as quickly as possible, putting in place improved processes and additional staff to ensure that you receive the care and attention that you deserve."

The admission follows a Macworld Online reader poll, revealing 29 per cent of people had experienced problems using the Apple Store.

Following that report more readers have alerted Macworld to Apple Store issues via the Macworld Online Forum.

One reader said: "I have to say the Apple Store has been very disappointing recently – the company sent me an email saying my order would be posted on a date earlier than the email itself."

Another said: "Apple told me TNT are experiencing delivery problems and my order may be further delayed. So Apple Store are blaming their suppliers - I wonder if TNT know they are being blamed for Apple Stores problems."