The recovery of Apple from its heavy losses of the mid-1980s to its current buoyant state ranks as one of the greatest corporate comebacks of all time, says

In a series of four investigations entitled Best Comebacks, author Lisa DiCarlo says of Apple: "It's rare a once-great company can lose its way so profoundly and come back stronger than before."

She goes on to detail the company's fall and rise, from the 1985 boardroom coup that ousted co-founder Steve Jobs – and ushered in a decade of under-achievement – to Jobs' triumphant return as interim CEO, and his introduction of revolutionary new products, starting with the original iMac.

DiCarlo adds: "While Apple's market share has hovered at about 5 per cent, the company has re-established itself as an innovator in design and ease of use. And, through all the ups and downs, it has managed to hang onto a loyal customer base that other companies can only dream of."