Apple's success has achieved yet more market optimism on Wall Street.

Zacks Investment Research has released new Zacks Rank figures that show Apple as one of only two companies it rates as a 'strong buy'.

The analysts have a positive track record - stocks awarded such a recommendation by Zacks have produced an average annual return of 32.9 per cent or more since the firm began issuing analysis in 1988.

Justifying its recommendation, the analysts state: "Apple earnings estimates for the year ending September 2005 jumped 32 cents, or about +22 per cent, in the past seven trading days. The company recently reported fiscal first quarter earnings of 70 cents per share, exceeding the consensus by almost +49 per cent and more than quadrupling last year's earnings."

The analyst observes that Apple has sold over ten million iPods, and points to the company's new products as drivers for continued growth.

Apple stock closed at $70.20 on yesterday's trading, up $0.40.