Apple has published a number of Knowledge Base articles describing issues with Motion, its application for real-time motion graphics which will ship in Europe on August 19.

Apple has integrated Motion into its new Production Suite set of applications that include Final Cut Pro HD and DVD Studio Pro. It claims the suite "provides seamless integration", but this boast has been undermined by problems.

Selecting a mask and pressing the up and down arrow keys can cause Motion to quit unexpectedly. Apple recommends that users should "add a non-mask object in a layer below the mask".

There are also Compressor and MPEG-2 encoding issues. "When using the MPEG-2 60min Fast Encode preset from the Export Preset menu in Compressor to export a project that contains audio and video, only the video portion of the project is encoded and exported," says Apple.

Other reported problems indlude:

Some Motion documents mistakenly indicate that the minimum requirement is QuickTime 6.5 – this is incorrect, Motion actually requires QuickTime 6.5.1 of later.

Images exported from Final Cut Pro to Motion appear larger than in Final Cut Pro.

FireWire video out does not work after installing Motion 1.0. According to Apple's notes: "If you switch to the Finder then back to Final Cut Pro, you'll see a general error alert message."

Colour value change of LiveFont in Canvas results in inaccurate values. Apple explains: "When you change the colour of a LiveFont object, the colour well in the Dashboard or the Style pane of the Inspector updates correctly."

Motion users will also experience incompatibility with Magic Bullet plug-ins: "If Magic Bullet for AE plug-ins are installed, Motion may stop responding or freeze," says Apple.

Apple will update the Knowledge Base documents as more information becomes available.