Apple’s prosecution of an unknown party continues, with Judge Gregory Ward granting the company a subpoena against Internet colossus Yahoo.

The injunction forces Yahoo to hand over records of a member of its GeoCities site, which is a collection of free Web sites. Apple claims the member has been leaking corporate secrets. The subpoena requires Yahoo to disclose the name, address, telephone number, Internet protocol and email addresses of the member, according to MacCentral’s Jim Dalrymple.

The unknown spy is alleged to have posted pictures and inside information about several Apple products before Apple officially announced the information at last month’s Expo, in particular its multiprocessing G4s.

A report says: "In a declaration to the court, Apple senior corporate security investigator Robin Zonic said the information posted to various chat forums and to GeoCities Web pages were Apple trade secrets made available only to people who were parties to nondisclosure agreements."