Apple has filed another iMac-mimic lawsuit, this time against a Tokyo-based PC manufacturer.

The offending machine - the eOne - is a PC "iMac-lookalike" manufactured by Sotec, and has has been a smash-hit in Japan since its launch in July.

"We have filed suit and are seeking a provisional injunction against Sotec on the grounds that it has copied the industrial design of the award-winning iMac," said Apple Japan in a statement.

Sotec, which distributes eOne in Japan has given the machine top billing on its Web site. A Sotec spokesman said eOne machine was "made with Sotec's own technology". eOne will sell for $1,152 in Japan.

In related news, Apple has revealed that next Steve Jobs' keynote speech at Seybold, in San Francisco will be viewable as a Quicktime Video from

The Seybold Web site promises that Apple will be demonstrating "the most powerful Power Macintosh, iMac and Powerbook computers ever built".