Apple has begun publishing tech support documents to address some reported bugs in iTunes 7.

The release of the software generated the usual wave of fault reports, mainly (but not exclusively) from Windows users of the application. These reports seem to have been picked up by an Apple-fixated media.

Apple's discussion boards seem to host multiple complaints, with some Mac users reporting that the software seems a little less stable than before.

The company has begun addressing some issues within its published technical support notes.

Some reported faults or missing features may reflect interface changes, Music Videos, for example, are no longer grouped with Movies, though iTunes 7 automatically creates a Smart Playlist to collect them, which is available in the Playlists pane.

Apple's recently published iTunes 7 advisories include:

- iTunes 7 won't play interactive booklets purchased from iTunes Store. Link here. This explains the error as simply needing playback of Flash tracks to be enabled.

- iTunes 7 for Windows: iTunes fails to launch with an unknown error. Link here.

- iTunes 7 for Mac: AirTunes won't connect to remote speakers. Link here.

- iTunes for Windows: Using Network Diagnostics. This article explains how Windows users can employ the built-in diagnostic analysis software of iTunes to check for connection problems. It's available here.

- iTunes: Album art does not download properly. Link here.

It appears that some third-party plug-ins can cause some instability. If iTunes 7 inexplicably crashes on your machine, it may be worth removing installed plug-ins to see if there is improvement.

Some reports claim that disabling Crossfade Playback makes for better sound reproduction.

One user-submitted Apple Discussion document (which Macworld has been unable to verify), describes a claimed fix for distorted sound in the application. This requires manually re-setting QuickTime's audio preferences to a sound rate of 48kHz and a size of 16-bit.

UPDATE: Macworld UK reader Rick Beemsterboer has now unearthed Apple's own technical note explaining that problem, which can be found here.

If you have a problem which isn't listed here, then it's worth consulting Apple's Support website for further information.