Apple has changed the appearance of its online support website, ushering in more feature-led content.

The Mac OS X-UI-like support pages are now easier to navigate visually than before. Clear subject areas are listed on the left, while the right hand side of the page highlights support pages for particular products.

At present this area offers the biggest space to help users navigate to the Apple TV support areas. Additional spaces offer help for iPod, Mac OS X 10.4 and MacBook problems.

The revised pages also make it easier to find the relevant sections for print, .Mac, iTunes and online orders. AppleCare, repair and parts request and exchange and extension schemes are also easier to find.

The bottom of the page now features a serial number checker which site visitors can use to check what support is available for your Mac or iPod.

At the very top of the page users will find a language selection tool and a support site search tool.