Apple could be planning to adopt IGZO displays for its future MacBook and iPad ranges, which could help boost the battery life of the products as well as provide better screen quality.

Korea IT News this week cites industry insiders who say that Apple is considering using indium gallium zinc oxide (IGZO) LCDs in upcoming MacBooks and future iPad models, and that the company is in talks with Sharp and LG Display about the potential move to the new technology.

IGZO displays could mean higher resolution displays, better reaction times and better battery life thanks to reduced energy consumption. However, the panels could be costly for Apple, with some estimates suggesting that IGZO displays could cost 1.5 times more than panels used in current MacBook Pro models.

The report sates that Apple's IGZO MacBook could launch during the first half of 2014, but doesn’t specify an expected release date of an IGZO equipped iPad.

Apple is expected to launch its fifth-generation iPad in September, with speculation pointing towards a thinner, lighter design for the tablet.

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